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(Blogging on this blog because mine isn’t well known yet. Follow at: rileyatmidnight.wordpress.com)

Where has everyone gone? I miss those old days when this place wasn’t empty. I certainly wish everything hadn’t fallen apart? Wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone back here? There has to be a way right? Right?



Happy One Year Anniversary!!

Guess what it’s my 1 year anniversary since i started blogging! And i’ve grown lots of friends in 1 year. Plus i’ve grown only 68 followers on this blog but soon i’m pretty sure i’ll get more… right?

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I started blogging on April 28th 2015. My first blog was… of course this one Fantage Crystal Clear! Now i’ve started blogging about my life, on a new blog called Dreaming Destiny!

My blogging world has changed alot! Lots of people left but some are still here, either still blogging about Fantage and/or have started blogging about their life.

Thank you my blogging friends for making my first year on wordpress great!


Quitting this blog…

So, i’m going to be quitting FantageCrystalClear. I can’t keep up with all these events and having to post about them. Like i don’t have time to take a bunch of screen pics and then cropping them and then writing a ton. I still have 4 previous events which i never finished writing… And ya i don’t feel like blogging about fantage anymore. And plus it’s kind of boring for me to just blog about fantage.

I guess i’m not going to stop blogging on fantage entirely, i’ll try to post once in a while about fantage if i feel like it. And i’ll still play fantage cause it’s fun to play.

But from now on i feel like blogging about my life and other random stuff.

So if you guys want to see more of me and my life just follow my other blog:


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Check out my new blog!!

So 3 out of 5 people voted for Dreaming Destiny… So i just renamed my old blog to Dreaming Destiny. Check it out: https://dreamingxdestiny.wordpress.com/

I’m going to try to post a lot on there, so it’s techinally going to be my main official blog. I’ll be starting off slow, but soon i’ll catch up!